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Missing Camila Cabello’s performance at the AMAs? There will be ‘Consequences’ for that. The singer performed at the American Music Awards, singing a ballad that was pure ethereal. Wow!

For anyone who doubted the power of Camila Cabello, the former Fifth Harmony singer just silenced that criticism with her amazing voice. Camila had something special planned for the 2018 American Music Awards on Oct. 9. Instead of breaking out her massive hit, “Havana,” Camila decided to perform the orchestra version of her song, “Consequences.” Having released this final single off of her debut album, the AMAs was the track’s “coming out” party, so to speak, and Camila put all her voice behind this performance.

Dressed like she was about to perform at the Metropolitan Opera house, Camila started off singing by herself – until the orchestra kicked in. With a swelling, full sound behind her, Camila’s voice was lifted up. It was, in a word, epic.

Camila had already won the AMAs, long before she took to the stage. Outside of Taran Killam’s reaction to Cardi B, Camila was the face of the night. Be it when Taylor Swift started the show, or when Cardi was performing “I Like It,” or when Shawn Mendes was getting sexy, Camila’s face was everything. On top of all that, she actually won at the AMAs, taking home the award for Favorite Song Pop/Rock. Update: She also won Best New Artist Of The Year.

What a way to cap off the evening, and she did it while performing a song with a major significance. “A new version of consequences called consequences (orchestra) is gonna come out tomorrow night at midnight ET,” Camila shared to Instagram on Oct. 7. “A lot of people say ballads like this are “risky” and with every single I’ve picked I get looks like I have three heads, because people always want you to go with a song that sounds like something that’s already on the radio. It would be playing it safe for me to make a song that sounds like “Havana” or another up-tempo song, but to me, my goal is to challenge myself by not doing what feels predictable or obvious, to do things that excite me, and give you the most honest representation of who I am through music.

“I know sometimes it’ll work and other times it’ll fail, but that’s okay with me,” she adds. “No matter what this song does, I wanted to close this era finishing on a song that makes you feel, that makes you think about someone you loved and lost, that makes you think about what it’s like to love someone so deeply. if this era tugs on your heart strings even a little bit, that’s all I care about. the video comes out very soon and it’s the one I’m proudest of so far.”

“I never want to do what people expect me to do. I feel like it’s uninteresting if I just came out with ‘Havana’ part two and part three and my album was just a bunch of different versions of ‘Havana,’ ” Camila told Zane Lowe in an interview for Apple Music Beats 1 in Jan. 2018, per Billboard. Clearly, after watching that AMA performance, no one will ever question whether or not Camila has range. Great job, girl!

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