Ciara & Missy Elliott’s Performance At AMA’s 2018 — ‘Level Up’ Collab – Hollywood Life

Can these two always perform together? Ciara and Missy Elliott had such fantastic chemistry onstage at the American Music Awards. See for yourself!

If you haven’t heard Ciara‘s song of summer “Level Up,” you’ll never forget it after the 32-year-old icon performed it with Missy Elliott, 47, at the 2018 American Music Awards. Even though the hit came out mid-July as Ciara’s first single since 2015, she surprised fans when a remix featuring Missy and Fatman Scoop came out just a week later. And that’s the song we got a little taste of at the AMAs — and Ciara’s single “Dose” as well. Both singers stunned onstage, and not just because of their voices. Ciara wore a plunging white leotard with matching over the knee boots, while Missy sported a patterned sweatsuit. Queens!

We honestly just can’t get over how incredible Ciara has been looking lately. Even though she just had a baby a year ago, you’d never guess! She wore a zippered mini dress when she appeared the red carpet with a cinched waist, and her post-baby body was absolutely unreal. Wondering how she did it? Her fast-paced dance moves on the AMAs definitely gave us a hint. But lucky for us, she opened up earlier this month about the workout routine she followed and spilled every detail.

“It was kind of like, wake up in the morning, breastfeed, eat a small meal, go train, come back in, breastfeed, eat another meal, go train, then come back, have another meal, and then a third training session at night,” she said in a Cosmopolitan cover story. “It was a good challenge, one I set for myself, not for anyone else. Taking care of myself feels really good. And I want to keep it sexy too.”

There’s no doubt that she’s accomplished that! In fact, she and Missy both looked super hot during their performance, and Ciara kept that right on going when she performed her single “Dose” as well.

Is it too late to ask for an encore? While neither singer has been nominated for an award tonight, they should both walk away feeling like winners after what they just left on the stage. Bravo!

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