Dominic Cooper & James Corden Test Their Friendship with ‘Shock Therapy’ on ‘Late Late Show’!

Old roommates Dominic Cooper and James Corden hilariously put their friendship to the test on last night’s (July 23) episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden!

“Dominic and I are very, very old friends,” host James, 39, told the audience while setting up the bit alongside guest Rebecca Ferguson. “We used to live together. We first met in 2004, we moved into a flat together in 2008. Dominic introduced me to my wife. And we are very, very dear, old friends. We thought we’d play a game to test our friendship and see how well we know each other.”

Dominic and James played a round of “Shock Therapy,” where they each had to hold onto two sets of shockers and clickers to help them both send and receive electric volts for wrong answers about each other.

Watch the shocking clip below…

[embedded content]
Shock Therapy Quiz w/ Dominic Cooper & James Corden

Click inside to watch more from Dominic and Rebecca’s appearance…

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Rebecca Ferguson Fooled Everyone Into Saving a Life

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