Lili Reinhart Is Glad ‘Riverdale’ Writers Don’t Base Storylines on Fan Theories

Lili Reinhart joins her Riverdale co-stars Madchen Amick, Luke Perry, and KJ Apa while attending a Build Series panel on Monday (October 8) in New York City.

The cast was at New York Comic Con this weekend and Lili applauded the writers of Riverdale for not basing the storylines of the show on what fans write in fan fiction.

“I applaud you for doing that,” Lili said (via Variety). “It would be so much less interesting if everything that fans wanted to happen on the show happened. I feel like the steam would run out really quickly. I think it is good that the writers continue for what they want — their vision. It is not anyone else’s vision.”

The third season of Riverdale premieres on October 10 on The CW!

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