People Are Not Happy That “Insatiable” Has Been Renewed For A Second Season

In the show, Patty (Debby Ryan) returns to school after the summer having lost a considerable amount of weight. She then decides to compete in pageants, coached by Bob (Dallas Roberts), who has been falsely accused of sexual assault by a rival pageant competitor.

Although Insatiable labels itself as a satire, there have been a lot of accusations that it does not handle sensitive topics such as fat-shaming and eating disorders well. In a review, BuzzFeed’s Jenna Guillaume argued that “the people Insatiable is claiming to represent are the very people it will hurt the most.” There have also been concerns about the poor handling of LGBT issues in storylines as well as the ill-timed jokes on sexual assault.

The showrunner for Insatiable, Lauren Guiss, has defended the show. In an interview with BuzzFeed News, she claimed that the satirical approach allows it to examine “a lot of really sensitive issues … in a way that isn’t necessarily the way that you ‘should’ talk about them.”

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