Salem the Cat on Sabrina Netflix Red Carpet Photos 2018

The red carpet premiere of Netflix’s latest spooktacular series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, went down in LA over the weekend and was attended by Hollywood’s most glamorous star. “Kiernan Shipka?” you might be thinking. “Could it be Lord of the Rings‘ fiercest alum, Miranda Otto? Or maybe Wonder Woman‘s underrated queen, Lucy Davis?!”

Nope. Wrong on all counts.

The show’s actual star, Salem Saberhagen — known as Salem the Cat to his close friends — hit the red carpet ready to slay. Although Salem neglected to wear a tiny tux or miniature top hat, he did look incredibly sleek. Between his glistening black fur and impeccable behavior, he’s easily the new Leonardo Di-cat-rio in town. (I’m truly sorry for that.)

Don’t believe me? Keep scrolling to see Salem in all his witchy glory.

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