Savannah Guthrie Argues That Cheesecake Is a Pie, Not a Cake

Is cheesecake a cake or a pie?

Today Show host Savannah Guthrie is arguing that cheesecake is a pie and her co-hosts are not having it!

“Cake is in the title! It’s called cheesecake!” co-host Craig Melvin said.

“It’s round like a pie,” Savannah argued. “You slice it like a pie. It has filling like a pie. It has a crust. I think it has far more in common with pie than (cake). I think I’ve made an argument here.”

Savannah later took to Twitter and added, “All I ask – be open minded. Don’t be fooled just because it has ‘cake’ in its name. When push comes to shove, cheesecake has far more in common with pie than cake.”

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