Alice Cooper says musicians today are “too afraid” to be rockstars

According to Cooper, they need “a little more balls”

In a new interview, Alice Cooper has said that performers today are “too afraid” to be rock stars, adding they need “more balls.”

Speaking to Metro, Cooper said that whilst he was a fan of Panic! At the Disco, The Strypes and Jack White, he felt much of modern music was “anaemic.”

He said: “I’m not one of those guys who sits around and says ‘Well in my day’ blah, blah, blah…I try to like everything, I try to like a little bit of country if it’s clever, I try to like rap if it’s clever. I disregard 95 per cent of what’s on the radio, but I listen to the bands that are clever.”

“I wish there were more bands that had a little more balls. I listen to a lot of stuff and it sounds anaemic. It’s as though they’re afraid to be rockstars. I think there needs to be more bands like The Strypes out there.”

Cooper also reflected on his own career and audience: “It is kind of funny about the whole record industry now, people like us who have been around for thirty albums or so are basically making albums for their fans.”

“I don’t think there’s many of us out there who are trying to make a new audience – it’s great if we do and do earn some new fans. But we’re making records for people all over the world who have been Alice fans for a long time. So I just think they deserve more music, new albums, live albums all kinds of stuff like that.”

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The singer also spoke about his friend Johnny Depp in the interview, saying he is the “happiest and healthiest” he has seen him, following reports about the actor’s health earlier this year. Depp is part of Cooper’s all-star band, The Hollywood Vampires – a supergroup which also includes Aerosmith’s Joe Perry.

He said: “I hear that Johnny Depp weighs 112 pounds, and he’s liver is failing, and he’s depressed. And I’m on the road with him and I’ve never seen him healthier, I’ve never seen him happier – he’s the happiest guy I know – he’s playing better than I’ve ever heard him play guitar, and he’s almost always laughing.”

“It’s not at all the character he’s portrayed in the media. It’s the oddest thing, I’m going: ‘Who is this Johnny Depp they’re talking about?’…I’m under the illusion that Johnny Depp is not in the least bit depressed, he’s not in the least bit unhealthy, in fact he’s healthier now than I’ve ever seen him. And he’s doing his best work!”

Cooper added: “I live with the guy all day every day, so I know what’s going on.”

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Recently, Cooper said he will only retire when people stop coming to his shows. Speaking to New York radio station Q103, Cooper was asked whether he’d consider retirement now he’s in his 70s.

“I’ve always said this: If we do a tour and nobody shows up, then I’m retired. That’s never happened…In fact, we’re doing better business now than we’ve ever done. More people are coming to the show now, and I’ve never felt better, so I don’t see any reason to retire at all.”

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