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Jake Miller’s new song ‘Wait For You’ is a total hit! The upbeat song will have you dancing right into the weekend, but Jake told HL EXCLUSIVELY the inspiration for the song is actually kind of sad. Here’s why.

We’ve had “Wait For You” by Jake Miller, 24, on repeat since it dropped on Nov. 15, because it’s THAT GOOD (just like his other songs). The beat is totally catchy and the song is just perfect for a fun Friday night. That’s why we were surprised to learn that the lyrics to the song were inspired by a romantic roadblock. Speaking to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on Nov. 13 at the Childhelp Hollywood Heroes Benefit at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills, Jake told us the song’s about the classic “right person, wrong time” struggle.

“The song is inspired by something that my sister was going through actually. I don’t want to get too much into detail because I don’t want to put her out like that, but it was something she was going though and it’s basically just right person, wrong time. You might not be ready to be in a relationship right now but I’ll wait for you to be ready because you’re worth it,” he said. Is there anything worse than meeting the right person at the wrong time? Fortunately, Jake has taken a totally heartbreaking situation and made it hopeful — and very danceable. Just listen for yourself.

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Jake is clearly a major romantic and we’ve got good news for any fans that are crushing on him because he confirmed to HollywoodLife that he’s “still single.” And there’s even more good news for fans in the NYC area because Jake is celebrating his 25th birthday by hosting a a special performance at the Highline Ballroom on Nov. 28. Tickets for the show are still available on his website. But if New York is too far away for anyone in Jake’s “Millertary” don’t despair because he’s got more shows coming up across the country!

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