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How is Wayne going to play us like this?! Fans thought they were FINALLY going to see the release of ‘Tha Carter V’ on Sept. 21, but when it didn’t drop, Twitter lit up with angry reactions.

Fans of Lil Wayne, 35, are losing their patience. Its been a long time coming for Weezy’s 12th studio album, Tha Carter V, and after whispers it was FINALLY dropping on Sept. 12, fans were ready and waiting. However, when the clock struck midnight, the album was nowhere to be found on streaming services. The  album has now been delayed numerous times, and fans have just about had it. “Bro where the f**k is lil Wayne’s new album?! We gettin ghosted,” one angry Tweet read, after fans realized the album was not dropping. “lil Wayne trolled everyone & they mamas,” another said.

It’s been literal years since Wayne first announced Tha Carter V, back in 2012, so the disappointment was very real for fans expecting to finally hear new music from the rapper. “WHERE TF THIS C5? Been waiting on this masterpiece Since May 5th 2014. Ready to show em you ain’t ever fall off just people fuckin with the grind @LilTunechi,” another fan said on Twitter. Some fans even demanded apologies. “you owe us 6 years worth of sorry 4 the waits.” one angrily said. Others have smartened up, and knew better than to get their expectations too high. “LIL WAYNE DIDNT FOOL ME TODAY HE FOOLED ME IN 2014 SO I AM USED TO THIS.”

Maybe, we need to give Wayne a bit of a break. Getting the forthcoming album off the ground has been the ultimate struggle for the rapper, but he IS trying. After a dispute with his label, the rapper was in and out of court settling lawsuits with both Cash Money Records and Universal Music Group. Wayne filed a $51 million lawsuit against Cash Money claiming that the label held money he was rightfully owed for Tha Carter V. The album was allegedly recorded between 2013 and 2014 and, according to Wayne, will also be his last solo album. Back in 2014, Lil Wayne revealed his own frustrations over the delay. “I am a prisoner and so is my creativity Again,I am truly sorry and I don’t blame ya if ya fed up with waiting 4 me & this album. But thk u,” he wrote on Twitter.

Tha Carter V may practically feel like a mythical album at this point, but some fans are still holding onto hope that they will eventually see its’ release. “I hope Lil Wayne bring that same energy he did on the Carter l, ll and lll on Carter 5,” one fan wrote, still looking forward to the new album.

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