Mariah Carey Shades Ex In New Song ‘GTFO’ – ‘Take Your S**t & Leave’ – Hollywood Life

Yas, Mariah! Queen Mimi dropped a new track called ‘GTFO’ on Sept. 13, & her stans are convinced the lyrics are all about her ex-fiance, James Packer!

Mariah Carey, 48, has really outdone herself this time! The “We Belong Together” singer is proving she knows how to keep the hits coming in her latest release, “GTFO.” The angsty song has Mariah written all over it, and she used the release to throw MAJOR shade at an ex. The lyrics take aim a past love, and Mariah did not go easy on him! “Don’t tell me these lies, I know you’re bluffing//How about you get the f**k out//Go stay at your friend’s house or something//Take your s**t and leave//How about you go stay at your friend’s house or something?” she sings in one chorus. Are these harsh words for her ex man James Packer?

The star’s diehard fans were shook by the shots thrown by Mariah. “These f**king lyrics!!” one said on Twitter. “IM SHAKING WOW WHAT A WAY TO WAKE UP,” another stan said. Overall, the consensus on the the brand new track from Mimi was overwhelmingly positive. Fans couldn’t see to get enough! “Mariah Carey has blessed my ears and made me realize how beautiful life is,” another fan said.

The brand new track isn’t the only thing Mimi’s fans have freaked out over lately! They went nuts after Mariah posted a Sept. 11 photo in a curve-hugging gold gown, further flaunting her recent weight loss. The icon has reportedly lost over 50 pounds! How did she slim down SO quickly? “After struggling with her weight throughout her life, she’s finally at a stage where she feels in control, and she’s super proud of her body,” a source close to the singer told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Mariah is eating really clean,” our source went on to say. “She’s stopped snacking on junk food and sugary treats. She’s eating a lot of organic veggies meat and fish, and has cut back on processed foods and carbs.” You go, girl!

Mariah and James split back in 2016, and the singer ultimately received $5 – $10 million dollars in a settlement with her ex-fiance, for reportedly making the move to L.A. to be with him. With “GTFO,” Mimi is also getting the last word!

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