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The YouTube King turned Interscope Records signee also shared his epic 2018 Halloween plans, & it will give you and your friends major inspo!

He’s racked up millions of Instagram followers, inked a deal with a major record label, and made waves with his T-Pain collab, but Alex Aiono, 22, is just getting started. It’s no wonder that musician, on the cusp of superstardom, was tapped for the Pier 17 NextUp Concert presented by Chase Sapphire and iHeartRadio. HollywoodLife caught up with Alex backstage at the show for an EXCLUSIVE interview!

Your fans are loving “Big Mistake.” What was your thought process when recording the new single?

Man, I was in a terrible situation, let’s just start it with that. Honestly it wasn’t a terrible situation, it was a great relationship, but unfortunately we just wanted different things, and that’s ok. That’s a totally normal thing in relationships, you want different things and we ended up breaking up, and it really wasn’t until the breakup scenario and going through the motions of the breakup that it true colors started to be shown. It just showed me who the person was and it was completely different from the person that I thought they were. I was in the studio and I heard the concept for the song… ‘I had forgotten how to love because of you’ and I was just like this is who I am, this is real.

That’s definitely very real. Do you think that girl knows the song is about her?

Honestly, I was just having this conversation. When people ask me what songs are about, I have no fear. My manager and I were laughing – it’s all love, it’s always all love, but I also have to say how I feel, you know what I mean? I have no hate in my heart for anybody, but if you do something a certain way, I gotta write a song about it. I don’t mean to ‘Taylor Swift’ you…I’m not trying to say exactly who it is or whatever, but for me it’s not about calling out someone, it’s about an experience that happened to me, and who can relate. Whether she knows or not, honestly, who knows, there could be another person who’s like ‘this is about me.’

Are there any celebs who have given you advice along throughout your career, or paved the way for you as an artist?

I had a great conversation with Shawn Mendes. We were at a summer fest in Hershey, Pennsylvania and he was headlining and I was opening up for him, and he was telling me, ‘it doesn’t matter how big the crowd is, every night I got out and I play as if I’m playing to the same four people that came to my very first show.’ I always thought that was really cool. It’s a good way to keep yourself humble. That’s some really solid advice I got from someone that’s just a solid dude. Shawn is a great dude.

You play half a dozen instruments. Even as a pop star, is it important to you to be a true musician’s musician?

With no judgement towards anyone – because there are artists who just don’t play music…that’s cool. I’m not like, ‘you’re not a real artist unless you play.’ For me, it’s always been important to know. I love that I can be onstage with my band and I can put a certain hand signal up in the air, and my band will know what I mean. It’s always been important to me to know what I’m doing. So, when it came to learning instruments, I learned how to play guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, piano, before I even knew like ok ‘this is an A this is a B.’ It wasn’t until I started working with other people where I’m like ‘I need to know what I’m doing, so I can play on the fly.’

Do you see “Big Mistake” becoming part of a larger project?

Yeah, I think so. My plan in general is of course, I want to have a full album, I grew up falling in love with artists because I fell in love with albums, and so, that’s definitely a big goal. I don’t even know if “Big Mistake,” would be on an album. I think it was just how I felt at the time, and I wanted to release it. I just want to tell my story, that’s what I’m focused on. I want to release an album, and when the time comes i’m going to, but my bigger focus is telling people how I feel.

It’s almost Halloween! Are you dressing up this year?

Ok, so, I’m going to Disney World, in Orlando, and we’re dressing up twice! Me and my sisters are dressing up two times. One time, we’re going to dress up as the cast of Coco, and I’m actually going to be Miguel from the movie. Then the second day, we’re doing like modern day Disney villains, so i’m going to be like a modern day Captain Hook. We’re going hard!

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