T.I. Raps About Marriage To Tiny Harris In New ‘Seasons’ Track: Listen – Hollywood Life

We weren’t ready for this! T.I. dropped his new album, ‘Dime Trap,’ on Oct. 5, & one track revealed some super honest details about his marriage to Tiny Harris.

T.I., 38, is using his brand new album, Dime Trap, to get personal. The 10th studio LP from the rapper dropped on Oct. 5, and one track features some incredibly honest lyrics about his lady, Tameka “Tiny” Harris!  The on-again, off-again married couple seem to be very ‘on’ right now, but TIP addressed their rocky past in “Seasons,” track #1 off the record! The end of verse one is a clear ode to his long-time lover.

“I got married and fucked it up, that what fame did / Marriage counselor tell me focus on what the pain did/ Too busy focusin’, tryna do what Jay and Dame did,” Tip rapped on the track. Recall that Tiny, whom T.I. wedded in 2010, filed for divorce in December of 2016, but called their separation off in 2017. Although that wasn’t the end to their marriage woes, it must help that T.I.’s apparently owning up to his mistakes. He even apologized for “slapping” an “a**” in his other new track “The Amazing Mr. F–k Up.” That could’ve very well been a reference to the video of T.I. that went viral on June 15, which showed him allegedly slapping Asia’h Epperson’s butt!

T.I.’s record is so personal, Tiny was even brought to tears when she heard the emotional masterpiece! “Tiny is absolutely blown away by how great T.I.’s whole Dime Trap album is, she feels like it’s his best one yet,” a friend of Tiny’s EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “It’s a very meaningful album for her because he finally takes responsibility for all the mistakes he’s made with her. T.I. can be very stubborn. To have him take responsibility for his mistakes so publicly is beyond anything she ever thought would happen,” the friend added.  “Tiny feels like T.I.’s whole album is a love letter to her, she cried tears of joy and relief when he first played it for her.”

We cannot get over how vulnerable this song is! After hearing the touching lyrics, we 100% don’t blame her for crying after listening to it for the first time.

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