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Ashley Graham just shared some BTS shots of a lingerie photo shoot! See the sexy pics and videos along with 20 times she’s flaunted her curves in bras and underwear!

Ashley Graham is back at it with the sexy photoshoots. The model took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes look at a photoshoot, presumably for her lingerie line with Addition Elle. The first slide of the post is a still photo of her rocking a pair of lacy white underwear with a matching bra. The second slide shows her modeling the same look in a video, and the third slide is also a video that shows her sitting on the ground in black lingerie.

Modeling lingerie is something that comes super naturally to the supermodel. Thanks to her collaboration with plus-size brand Addition Elle, she’s constantly giving customers an idea of what her collection looks like on a curvy woman – and she isn’t stopping any time soon. While appearing on Good Morning America to promote her new podcast, Pretty Big Deal, Graham opened up about how hateful comments about her body made her want to be a role model for other curvy girls.

“I’m tired of people picking apart my body and telling me I’m not big enough, or telling me that I’m too big, I’m not healthy or I’m trying lose weight,” she said on the talk show, according to ABC News. “You’re never going to be good enough for anyone. You’re never going to fit into these narrow lanes that society has tried to put me in or many other women in. I think it’s slowly changing, and I think that people are getting more sensitive to it, but we still have a lot of change that we need to do.”

“I believe there’s no such thing as perfection, so why are we chasing it? I want to be a voice, and I want to pave the way,” Graham added. “I still have to walk in and prove myself in a whole other way that makes people still say, ‘Oh yeah, she is different. Maybe we should look at curvy girls now!’ We are all the same. It doesn’t matter our percentage of fat, thank you very much.”

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