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WOOPS! Paris Hilton revealed a bit more than she probably bargained for when she stepped out in pants with cutouts at the top of her thighs. Part of her crotch was left totally exposed!

Paris Hilton is no stranger to wearing sexy outfits that show skin, but even she probably would’ve wanted to cover up a bit more in this instance! The former reality star attended a New York Fashion Week event on Sept. 6, and suffered a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. For the event, she went braless under a completely sheer crop top, but it wasn’t her nipples that popped out (she made sure to contain them with pasties). Instead, it was her crotch that was half-exposed in her cutout black pants!

The racy ensemble featured cutouts at the top of Paris’ thighs and hips, with just a thin strip of fabric meeting in the middle. It appears she wasn’t wearing underwear under the ensemble, because when she was posing for photos and stuck her hip out to the side a bit, her crotch was slightly visible. Of course, Paris still owned the look like a total pro, and posed for tons of photos. The malfunction was likely a quick one, but with so many cameras flashing, just about anything can be caught by the paparazzi!

Of course, Paris’ engagement ring from Chris Zylka was on full display for her evening out, even though she attended the event without him. Paris and Chris actually got engaged in Jan. 2018, but have halted their wedding planning a bit because she’s simply too busy right now!

Last month, it was revealed that Paris was delaying her nuptials from this November to next May so she could have more time to plan the sure-to-be lavish affair. Her mom later confirmed that a busy schedule was to blame for the delay, and said there was no trouble in paradise for the happy couple. Phew!

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