Mandy Moore Looks Back on Dying Her Eyebrows Blonde

Even Mandy Moore has regrets about her former beauty faux pas.

On Friday, the 34-year-old star shared a hilarious set of throwback photos from July 2001. Snapped when she was attending the Hollywood premiere of the Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie film Original Sin, the images capture the style of the times.

Moore’s straight-fit jeans, chunky black belt and sheer sleeveless black top (which gave photographers a peek at her black bra) weren’t the problem, nor was her newly dyed blonde locks or Burberry handbag.

No, the problem was Moore’s blonde eyebrows.

Don’t dye your eyebrows,” Moore wrote in a hashtag on the photo’s caption.

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Mandy Moore in 2001


Mandy Moore in 2001

Mandy Moore in 2001

Vince Bucci/Getty Images

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Moore’s Walk to Remember costar Shane West, 40, couldn’t help but laugh about the post, commenting, “This. Is. Everything.”

“It was right after Walk and I went blonde again and my poor bangs,” Moore wrote back, adding four smiley faces.

“STILL cute as hell,” he wrote back, before mocking director Adam Shankman, who was by Moore’s side in denim. “What’s [he] wearing?”

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Of course, over her nearly 20 years in the industry, Moore has been known to change up her look from time to time.

Her biggest transformation has been into actress, going from teen pop star (with 1999’s “Candy”) to the star of NBC’s hit This Is Us. 

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