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Kylie and Kendall Jenner posed in their newest line of must-have pieces for fall, selling now at PacSun! See pics from the fashion shoot, here.

The Kendall & Kylie fashion line is back with a new 2018 fall collection at PacSun stores! Kylie Jenner, 21, and Kendall, 22, teased two different ways you can wear a sweater in a new PacSun photo shoot. The younger Jenner gave us retro Riverdale vibes in a cropped cable knit sweater with a striped yellow hem, while Kendall kept it quintessentially cool and L.A. in a “sweater” tube top. Yes, only in Southern California can sweaters be worn as tube tops! The fashionistas teased even more looks for their collab brand among tropical green foliage. Check out our gallery above for more photos!

Kendall and Kylie swapped styles for the next round of photos, with Kendall wearing a modest green turtleneck and checkered wrap-around skirt. Meanwhile, Kylie looked ready to hit the L.A. hot spot Delilah’s in a spaghetti-strapped cheetah-print mini dress and frayed black denim jacket. But Kendall kept it rapper chic in a third pic, layering a white bra-tank with an oversized yellow puffer jacket. So much outfit inspiration! It’s amazing that Kylie and Kendall’s brand is still going strong. Now in their twenties, the reality television stars launched their first line through PacSun at just 15 and 17 years old, back in 2013!

But Kendall and Kylie’s threads aren’t just sold on PacSun racks. A separate line of Kendall & Kylie clothes is available through the Canadian retailer Ardene, the fall collection for which dropped on Aug. 16. The duo even have another line called Kendall + Kylie Swim, sold exclusively through Revolve. Are you still keeping track? We’re just happy to see that the sisters still find time to work on even one project together! With Kylie netting in over $900 million with her company Kylie Cosmetics and Kendall hopping — or more so, jetting — to one modeling gig to the other, we don’t know how they clear their schedules!

Courtesy of PacSun

We love this cross between warm and cold weather wear. Honestly, September doesn’t even count as fall in some states. So we’ll gladly wear our sweater tube tops while sipping on our pumpkin spice lattes — thanks, Kendall!

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