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Despite her last name, Ariel Winter didn’t dress for the season in her latest photo! The ‘Modern Family’ actress proved you can still rock a strapless top as the temperatures dip — here’s the exciting occasion she wore the piece for.

As we enter the cusp of winter, Ariel Winter, 20, isn’t letting go of some summer staples! The Modern Family actress wore a black strapless top, tucked into a pair of white trousers, as seen in her Instagram selfie below. She still paid mind to the colder season by later throwing on a gingham duster coat as she headed out into New York City on Nov. 28. The ABC star had an exciting reason to dress up, as she wore the strapless top and trousers ensemble for a video with Vanity Fair at NYC’s One World Trade Center, which she revealed on her Instagram Story!

It’s unclear what the project was for, but we’re applauding Ariel’s outfit choice for the video! She’s been parading a number of must-haves lately, like her coordinating navy coat and turtleneck she wore to the set of LIVE with Kelly and Ryan on Nov. 27. She sported quite a different style on Nov. 23, as she looked like the raven haired version of Cher Horowitz in a plaid skirt and pink top in an Instagram Boomerang! Nothing dulls style more than predictability, so we’re taking notes from Ariel. She has rightfully earned the title as a fashion guru, which is why HollywoodLife included her in our roundup of celebrities wearing the best little black dresses for this holiday season.

Aside from her good taste in clothes, Ariel’s shoulders are also a standout feature! The actress has worked hard for her muscle definition, as proven by the number of fitness videos she has uploaded to Instagram. We’re not talking about clips of her on the treadmill — this chick’s not scared of weights! In her most recent workout video on Oct. 11, Ariel performed a set of plank leg lifts with ankle weights. The sitcom star has also shared a photo of her laying back in the squatting station in July, and on November 2017, she filmed herself performing deadlift reps. Leg lifts, squats, deadlifts — these are all great staples for any gym routine.

We’re going to take Ariel’s cue and mix and match our summer and fall wardrobe pieces. We might pick up a weight, too.

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