Something Navy’s Nordstrom Launch Goes Awry, Sells Out, Leaving Shoppers Furious

Arielle Charnas/Instagram

Fans of Instagram style icon Arielle Charnas, known for her blog Something Navy, have been anticipating the launch of her Something Navy x Nordstrom collection for months. The Nordstrom-exclusive line inspired by Charnas’ own personal style comes one year after she teamed up with Nordstrom label, Treasure and Bond, to create a clothing line that sold over $1 million of merchandise in the first 24 hours. So, the excitement was at an all-time high for her next collaboration.

But this morning’s launch has customers fuming after a glitch on Nordstrom’s website left many unable to purchase any pieces in their size before selling out.

When the line went live at 9:00 a.m., shoppers began complaining that they were unable to put any Something Navy items into their shopping carts once they selected their purchase.

About 10 minutes into the launch, Charnas updated fans on her Instagram story about the issue saying, “@nordstrom is quickly fixing the site!!!! stay tuned!!!!!!” She then noted some people were having success shopping on the Nordstrom app or by calling the store’s customer service.

After nearly an hour of customers struggling to buy the collection, Charnas announced on her social media that the site had been fixed. But shoppers quickly noticed the items they had tried to put in their shopping carts during and after the glitch had disappeared — and sold out — before they had the chance to go to press “order.”

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“Put away money for something navy line… was late to work for something navy line… waiting anxiously to refresh my page when Nordstrom site crashes… everything I want in my size is sold out and she’s not restocking 😫😫😫😫,” one person said on Twitter.

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Another customer shared their frustration on Twitter. “Hey @Nordstrom was late to work because I spent 25 minutes adding @Somethingnavy pieces to my cart and then my cart was empty. Then did it again on my app and said my cart had 8 pieces in it and then it disappeared when I went to check out. #getittogether.”

Nordstrom’s Twitter account replied to the customer’s complaint, but only commented on the glitch, not a potential restock of the pieces that sold out in seconds. “Our apologies! We’re working to get the collection back online, and we’ll keep everyone posted when it’s up & running,” the brand said.

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After the Nordstrom got back up and running, Something Navy thanked fans for their support, but did not address unhappy customers’ concerns about items being removed from their carts.

In the comments of the Instagram post, a bevy of Charnas’ followers detailed their disappointing shopping experiences and begged the style star to restock the line.

One customer said, “I must admit that I’m pretty bummed too! I was on my computer at 7:30 and had everything I wanted in my cart and then it crashed 😩 I spent the next hour refreshing obsessively and when it finally worked the 1 top I’ve been dying over was sold out! I know it’s not your fault and I’m so happy for you, but [can’t] help but feel disappointed!”

Another shopper explained that even calling Nordstrom’s customer service, which Charnas recommended people do when the website wasn’t working, was a fail. “I was on @nordstrom at 9 am and the site was down/ I called and was on hold forever- my sizes sold out and im so so sad 😔😔😔 i need to go back to bed,” the fan commented.

“I filled by cart after the glitch. Checked out and pressed order then I got another error screen,” a disappointed fan wrote.

A different person wrote, “For your highly valued customers and loyal followers this feels like a complete and total SCAM!!! How could you allow this to happen and impact your brand? I am sooooooo overly disappointed and feel ripped off by the entire experience! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻NOT GOOD!”

Some shoppers managed to place their order, but were then heartbroken to find out they wouldn’t be receiving their purchases after all.

One person said, “Ordered the black jeans and a top, then got an email that the jeans were cancelled. The one thing I was most excited about. So disappointed 😔”

PEOPLE has reached out to Nordstrom and Something Navy for a comment.

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