Wendy Williams Photoshopped? Haters Think She Made Her Feet Smaller – Hollywood Life

We have one question for Wendy Williams: how you doin’? Wendy just posted absolutely gorgeous pics from a new photoshoot, but haters took issue with one detail: they think her feet are photoshopped! What?!

Talk about a hot topic! Wendy Williams, 53, looks effortlessly stunning in pics from a new photoshoot that were posted to the Wendy Show Instagram account. The pics are varied and beautiful, with several shot in black and white, showing her wearing a curve-hugging black dress and silver collar necklace, her hair done up in a chic bob. That kiss to the camera! She looks like pure Old Hollywood. Others are more casual, showing her chilling in the photo studio and outside in a variety of cute outfits.

Here’s the skinny: some haters think the pics are photoshopped! No, not her body or her face — everyone agrees that she’s positively lovely. They think that the photographer shrunk down her size 11 feet! CLICK HERE TO SEE WENDY’s PHOTOSHOOT.

“Lmaoooo they photoshopped #WendyWilliams so new feet  the photoshopped game just went through the roof  I. Am. Done.”, @@____PiNK__ tweeted, while @chantelbelle_xo wrote, “Knowing Wendy Williams she told them to airbrush her feet”. And @RohanGrande tweeted,  “Who’s doll feet did they give to Ms. Wendy KXKSJFJDNF”. That’s actually a pretty common one.

But for all of the comments mocking Wendy, there were dozens of people raving over her gorgeousness, too. “You are looking so good. You look like you are living you best life. Congratulations on looking so beautiful.”, @mpmorgan2008 wrote in the comments on her Instagram post. “Wendy Williams didn’t come to play. She’s serving looks.”, tweeted @AMNH_Podcast. “Drop dead gorgeous! Slay that thang girl!”, said @headdr2323. We could agree with these commenters more. Work it, Wendy!

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