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Sisters share everything right? Kylie Jenner took a cue from Kim Kardashian and wore a tighter than tight, pink latex mini for a night out in LA. So, who wore it better — Kim or Kylie??

Kylie Jenner‘s long, slow transformation into Kim Kardashian is nearly complete. the Kylie Cosmetics mogul has taken hair and makeup cues from her big sister for years, and now it appears that she’s raiding her closet for old couture. Kylie stepped out to celebrate her new Adidas collaboration at West Hollywood hotspot The Nice Guy, wearing a pink, latex dress from Vex almost identical to one Kim wore in 2015. You know the one! The low-cut rubber dress that practically constricted her organs? Apparently, Kylie’s down for a little masochism, too.

We can barely breathe looking at Kylie’s casual attire for a Thursday night dinner! It’s actually impressive — how many people do you know who could manage to get in and out of a sports car wearing straight rubber? She never tore that thing or injured herself! It’s clear that Kylie took major style inspo from her big sister, if the choice to wear blush pink PVC wasn’t a big enough clue. Study the pics below… they’re also both wearing clear, plastic sandals. God, these outfits seem sweaty.

Kim’s memorable latex number is from 2015, a time not so long ago when she wore pretty much PVC everything. Think about it; if this dress was in a more traditional fabric, it would be practically appropriate for tea. It wasn’t even the sexiest in her closet, or even the only one in blush pink. Girl’s got a type! As if squeezing into this Atsuko Kudo dress wasn’t impressive enough, Kim was actually pregnant in this photo! Her maternity wear was out of the ordinary, to say the least.


Kylie and Kim are total devotees to latex everything. Kylie even wore a pair of Barbie-pink latex jeans recently for a Kylie Cosmetics photoshoot. Now that takes some dedication. Can you imagine trying to get in and out of those? More power to her!

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